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Yoga retreat Costa Rica

The perfect place to relax and experience tranquility

Upcoming Yoga Retreats

Santa Teresa - Costa Rica

Batik Yoga Retreat & Spa is a tropical beachfront paradise to renew your mind, body and spirit—in the heart of one of the most biodiverse places on Earth.

Batik Vacation

Experience relaxation like never before. Forget about everything else as you unwind and be immersed in the beauty of our getaway. Every need will be taken care of - all you have to do is ask.
Batik is the perfect cozy resort for groups or couples, traveling to seek silence and peace.
Whether you like to deepen your practice of yoga or be introduced to the basics, our instructors will ensure an experience to suit individual needs.


Practice yoga with spectacular ocean views from our open-air studio. Rejuvenate with luxurious eco-spa therapies. Get inspired with adventure excursions in Costa Rica’s lush jungles and beaches.
Besides being relaxed… are you a sport lover? Plan your next vacation at Batik, the perfect getaway for active travelers. Surfing, swimming, scuba and snorkeling, hiking, turtle watching, yoga, horse riding, fishing. Here you will find a variety of pursuits to suit sports lovers of all kind.

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