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Your home in paradise, Santa Teresa Beach Villas, Costa Rica

Luxury Vacation Rentals

Santa Teresa - Costa Rica

With over one-quarter of its land mass dedicated to protected reserves and national parks, there are vast tracts of unspoiled beaches and tropical rain forest just waiting for you to explore.

Beach Villas Costa Rica

Costa Rica is Central America's most popular tourist destination, as it is known as a mecca for nature and leisure lovers alive. The country is home to over 14 eco-systems, as well as unique flora and fauna, a wide variety of stunning landscapes, and some of the best hiking and snorkelling in the world. Exploring Costa Rica's jungles, beaches and volcanoes has long wowed travelers, while its cities are home to a fascinating history and a rich, eclectic culture. From the stunning waterfalls of Limon to the serenity of Mal Pais, Costa Rica truly stands as a world apart, and a place to truly escape from it all. And with all this variety and beauty, it's not surprising to see that there is also a wide variety of unique and amazing Costa Rica vacation rentals available for rent as well.

Ranging from white and gold to chocolate-colored sands, you can find it all in the peaceful paradise of Costa Rica. Snorkel and swim in the quiet turquoise waters at Playa Conchal beach, or visit the calm waters and pristine stretch of sand at Manuel Antonio beach. The whole stretch of Puntarenas Province features myriad beautiful beaches to please your eyes.
Playa Santa Teresa and Tamarindo beaches are where surfers find waves while bustling Jacó is a classic vacation destination for residents of the capital city, San Jose. Possibly the country's most developed beach town, this area is a local favorite not only for relaxation but also for nightlife, and our vacation villa rentals place you close to all! 

Beaches in Costa Rica

Trendy Chic Costa Rica

The city center of San José has transformed into the capital’s premier cultural and restaurant zone.

Active volcanoes, dense rain forests, pristine beaches, and crashing surf - when it comes to tropical getaways, Costa Rica just might have it all.

What is rustic chic, you ask? Well, it’s a lot of things, really. Rooms can range from cabins in the middle of the jungle to beachside bungalows, but in each case, the rustic-chic hotel both embraces and tames its habitat with polish and style. The 10 hotels that made our list provide are a primer in the rustic-chic aesthetic done right, and prove that getting back to nature doesn’t always mean roughing it.

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