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Playa Hermosa

  • 3 minutes walk from Batik
  • World-class Surfing at Various Levels
  • Northern Santa Teresa
  • Batik Casas
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Idyllic seclusion and natural beauty make Playa Hermosa, located at the northern end of Santa Teresa, one of the best beaches in the country with pristine white sand, warm water and glowing ocean sunsets.

From the Malpaís – Santa Teresa crossroad, take a right and continue through town. After about 10 minutes you will pass Flor Blanca, then Pranamar. Be sure to trend left when you get to the intersection (right goes up a hill). Once you go left you will pass Shaka Surf and Super Hermosa. We are on the left, at a wooden gate with white stucco modern columns. It takes roughly 15 minutes (6 km) from the crossroads to drive to Batik.


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