Getting Here

Santa Teresa is on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, on the very southern point of the Nicoya Peninsula, just north of Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve, and situated between two small fishing villages: Malpaís to the south and Manzanillo to the North. Batik is located on the northern side of town, towards Manzanill. From the Malpaís – Santa Teresa crossroad, take a right and continue through town.

After about 15 minutes you will pass Flor Blanca, then Pranamar. When you pass the Hermosa Valley School on your left,you reach the end of the road, be sure to turn left when you get to the intersection (right goes up a hill) and then stay straight on this road. Once you go left you will pass Shaka Surf and Super Hermosa again, both on your left. We are on the second wooden gate on the left hand side too about another 150 meters past Super Hermosa. It takes roughly 20 minutes (6 km) from the crossroads to drive to Batik.


The fastest way to get here is by air to the local Tambor small airport. We recommend Sansa (domestic Costa Rican flights at www.flysansa.com) which flies out next to the International Airport or Nature Air (www.natureair.com) which flies out International airport. You can check their schedule online to see if it fits your itinerary. We suggest to check it before booking your international flight.

If you have 4 or more in your group, chartering a plane becomes a very economical option. A private charter allows more luggage than the typical 30 pound limit per person imposed by the local public airlines. By contracting a private flight, you must fly into Tambor (25 minutes on average). From there, a taxi, or car rental can meet you for the hour drive to Batik. Your Batik concierge will be able to arrange all of this for you.


The drive from San Jose to Batik is usually in the range of 4 to 5 hours. The recommended way is to drive to Puntarenas(1- 1.5 hours), where you will take a ferry across the Nicoya Gulf (1hr). There are 2 ferries that leave from Puntarenas. You want to take Ferry Tambor, which actually goes to Paquera port. You can check their schedule at http://www.navieratambor.com/horarios-y-tarifas. Snacks and beverages are available onboard.

Once you get to Paquera, follow the signs to Tambor & Cobano, then and then “Malpaís” or “Santa Teresa”. It is about 1 1/2 hours to the Malpaís – Santa Teresa crossroad from Paquera. Take a right towards Santa Teresa and drive for about 6 km as described in the first paragraph above.