Surfing and Wave Riding

Santa Teresa is a perfect spot to surf with many beaches providing glassy waves and consistent surf. Playa Hermosa is a great spot to surf or to learn surfing. Playa Hermosa is located just in front of the Batik Villas. At Batik we work with two of the best surf instructors (and surfers!!) in the area; just let us know and we can help you with the reservation and with board rentals.


Montezuma waterfalls

You can drive, take a taxi, or even better, rent an ATV for either half or full day. Montezuma is a really nice little town and there are three waterfalls, very nice beaches and also my favorite restaurant in the peninsula called Playa de los Artistas. After enjoying the fresh water and the nice hike you can go to have lunch or dinner to this amazing Italian place and even stay for a party at “Chicos Bar”.


Tortuga island/Snorkeling

All day tour. You leave from Montezuma at 9am coming back around 4:30 pm. One or two hours snorkeling before getting to the island where they will grill fresh fish for you on the beach. You can enjoy the white sand on the island and sometimes is possible to see dolphins or turtles on your way there or coming back. Shuttle is available subject to number of people that day leaving from Mal Pais/Santa Teresa.


Rainsong Animal Sanctuary

This place is located in Cabuya and they take care of wild animals who were abandoned or they had accidents and can not live wild any more. These people are doing an amazing job taking care of them. You can see a cute Kinkijou, a few porcupines, Anty, the ant eater , monkeys and lots of other lucky animals. And your contribution will help them a lot.


Cabo Blanco National Park

It is the first national park in Costa Rica. After many, many years it is finally becoming a primary forest again after being used for agriculture and cattle. 1 or 3 hours hike, depends on the path you choose. You can see animals in their own environment, birds and mammals and get to this secret beach.